Everything and Nothing

Alan Coren once wrote a book called Golfing for Cats because those were the two most popular categories in the the catalogues. On today’s internet it is Žižek and Sex – or at least it was last year. This is not to say that Žižek and sex go together like natural, umm, bedfellows – let alone like love and marriage – but that the internet is simply the place where cat lovers, golf/sport-obsessed cretins, Žižek fans and sex addicts go to feel plugged in. I have been struggling with this conundrum for about a year now and have not posted anything as a result. I don’t know whether to throw myself into the cretinous pool with gusto or stand on the edge and allow myself to feel superior. Life without Facebook or Twitter is certainly much better but it is also much lonelier – and therefore worse.


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