Intent and Action

It is said that we measure ourselves by our intentions and others by their actions but as usual this trite binary hides a much more complex truth. In fact the closer we are to others either emotionally or politically (and often our emotions and politics are tightly interwoven) then the more we are likely to judge them on their intentions and play down their actions . This can be seen in politics quite clearly and leads us to give those we like and approve of the benefit of the doubt. Jeremy Corbyn is a clear example of this trait, with people polarised around his past actions (Trident, Sinn Fein/IRA and others) on the right and his good intentions on the left. To win an election it is necessary to shift people’s attention away from past actions and onto future intentions. Labour will lose this election because it is hindered by a double whammy of actions. On the one hand its leader has some serious left baggage while the party itself still carries the blame  (completely unfairly) of economic incompetence and profligacy because of the 2008 crash. On the other hand Theresa May, despite all evidence to the contrary, gives the impression that she has good intentions around Brexit.


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