Zizek and radical Islam

Just reading Absolute Recoil and Zizek’s description of the relationship between the West and radical Islam as resembling that between Nietzsche’s last men (the west afraid to risk anything, settling for consumerist quietism) and the Jihadis as failed Uebermenschen, desperate to risk everything for a cause. But as Zizek points out, this apparent radicalism is actually an expression of their weakness; of the fact that their view of society is in its death throes. Any group which can be threatened by such pathetic and actually quite juvenile things as Charlie Hebdo’s cartoons is doomed to disappear because what their radicalism actually represents is their own recognition that the West has won, that modern liberal western capitalism will prevail in some form or another.

They know that the whole world is infected with the quietism of the great last men and their radicalism is like the hyperactivity of zombie slayers, decapitating people in order to stop the spread of the infection.

Wouldn’t it just be best if they admitted defeat and laid down like the rest of us and accepted their own irrelevance, like the rest of us former revolutionaries have done?


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