A Very Global Coup

You do realize that we are in the middle of a creeping global neo-liberal coup don’t you?


It has been going on for decades but the financial crisis has allowed our fine rulers to destroy the common space, privatize our very means of life, subjugate everything to the needs of the market and to restrict our ability to resist. In economics they have managed to convince us (yes, even those of us who don’t accept it) that there is no alternative to the current course towards meltdown. Milliband and Cameron throw stats at each other in an impotent forum about falling unemployment versus falling real wages and no one points out that the reason wages are falling is that the increase in employment is due to an increase in low wage, insecure, part-time, non-unionised employment. The Greek government closes down its public broadcasting – supported only by Golden Dawn! – in the name of budget difficulties but will hand over public opinion to the Murdochs and Dacres of this world who will demand their pound of flesh and soul in return.


In Turkey the corporations demand of the government that they hand over public spaces for private gain and the government sends in the water cannons. The US has extended its role of global policeman to that of global Stasi and can see no other way to run the world than via the drone and the big stick. In a world where it has become impossible to demand that the 1% pay even 1% of their taxes we are being forced to take up the burden of their own profligacy and at the same time being told that it is all our fault for spending too much. There are $32 Trillion stashed away in offshore havens, more than enough to solve all the worlds most serious problems. Even our climate is being subverted in the name of expansion, profit, growth the benefits of which are merely dangled in front of us in the form of trinkets and glittery tat;


The technology and scientific knowledge we have – taken together with the unutilized financial surpluses – is such that we could liberate ourselves from all this drugery and free ourselves from labour but we carry on down this path to disaster. Our world is being sliced and diced and sold to the highest bidders who then sell it back to us as a privatized dream. We must protest and resist but we must also offer an alternative way of being which goes beyond the limitations of this world and unleashes the desire to create a new one.


The alternative is out there, we just have to build it!


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