The trouble with  all of these crises is that people have lived for many years, probably since the 1970s, in a state of elightened false consciousness as Peter Sloterdijk calls it, so that it comes as no surprise to people that politicians and police are corrupt, that the media bends and twists the truth to its own advantage and feeds us with titlle tattle and entertainment while the masters get on with ruling the universe. The real comical thing is to see the newly outraged politicians and journalists confronted on programmes like Newsnight last night with the real public who sit silently and cycnically with their arms folded with an attitude of ‘where the fuck have you been for the last 30 years?’ But under the impact of an economic crisis which exposes the frailty and the externalisation of the true costs of capitalist ‘efficiency’ there is a chance that all of these partial recognitions may coalesce into something approaching a socio-economic class analysis which can be used to mobilise for systemic political change. This is going to be a very brief window of opportunity and at the moment no one is risking taking a leap through the window. As economies within and outwith the Eurozone start to taumble like a pack of cards can the Left overcome its own cynical opposition to the question of power?


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