Good Riddance to Dangerous Rubbish

I find it extraordinary that people find what the News of the World and the rest of the Murdoch empire have been up to in any way surprising. Where has everyone been while they have been manipulating the news, dragging journalism in to the gutter, sowing discord, racism, homophobia and every other form of divisive poison going for decades, not to mention the way in which they have exercised a controlling right-wing political influence over governments and oppositions of all colours? We didn’t need downright illegal activities to know that this should have been the subject of scrutiny and control many many years ago. And don’t get me started on the proto-fascist Daily Mail, Express and Star. Dacre and Desmond are not better than Murdoch and I assume that there will be much more shit to hit the fan about them as well over the coming weeks. If people at last start to think about the sort of muck-raking and scandalous behaviour we have put up with in the name of a free press then the collapse of the NotW will perhaps be the first step in a very positive direction.


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